Public Art School (Now) – Call for Info/Contributions to Discussion Paper

Roundtable convenors: Ruth Fazakerley (University of South Australia) & Fiona Hillary (RMIT University)
ACUADS 2015, 24-25 September 2015, Adelaide
Conference website: 


L Holwood 2013. temporary student installation, Urban Laboratory, Rutledge Lane, Melbourne (Photo: Fiona Hillary)

What’s happening in higher education institutions to prepare art and design students to work in and with public, community and social contexts?

We’d like to get a snapshot of current activity, reflections and insights from art and design educators around Australia (and elsewhere!): including examples of relevant curriculum (programs, courses, units, projects, partnerships) across the diverse realms of public art, art and design in public space, socially engaged practice, art in social context, live art (etc) – as well as reflections on outcomes, successes, challenges and future needs.

We are particularly interested in reflections upon teaching and learning approaches that explore:

  • Creative collaboration across and between disciplines, institutions and frameworks;
  • The contributions of artists and designers to knowledge and society;
  • The future for design thinking and critical practice in the public realm;
  • The role of creative research and scholarship in the public realm.

We invite contributions to the preparation of a  Discussion Paper that will inform discussion at the ACUADS 2015 Roundtable Public Art School (Now). Examples, reflections, questions or comments should be submitted in the form of a Powerpoint document (3 slides max), conforming to the submission Guidelines (pdf). Multiple submissions are welcome.

Contributions will be edited and collated by the Roundtable convenors. The resulting document will be made available to the Roundtable participants and others as a website publication and as a powerpoint presentation at designated venues throughout the conference.

For further information, submission guidelines and an example, please see the Call for Info – Guidelines (pdf) or contact the Roundtable convenors Dr Ruth Fazakerley and/or Fiona Hillary.

Contributions should be accompanied by a signed Contibutor Release form available  here (.docx).

Deadline for submissions: 10 August 2015

We look forward to hearing from you,

Ruth & Fiona


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