Documentation: Public Art School (Now)

Last year, Fiona Hillary and I convened a roundtable discussion, in conjunction with  ACUADS 2015,  the Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools’ annual conference, held in Adelaide (24 September 2015).  We aimed to canvass the question: What’s happening now in higher education institutions to prepare students to work in and with public, community and social contexts?

Four leading educators were invited to respond to this question and reflect on a prepared Discussion Paper, collating examples of contemporary art projects, student activity and curriculum, contributed by art and design educators from around Australia and internationally.

We put out the call for contributions in June and July last year,  resulting in the Public Art School (Now) Discussion Paper (pdf).

Documentation, along with recordings of the Roundtable discussion, with Professor David Cross (Deakin University), Dr Maggie McCormick (RMIT University), Dr Nien Schwarz (Edith Cowan University) and Professor Marie Sierra (UNSW) has now made its way onto the ACUADS 2015 conference proceedings website. (Look for the heading “Roundtables”!)

Or access the recordings directly here:


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