Public Art in Japan: Resources

Travel Agency signage, Toyota, 2004This is an updated version of a document prepared in 2004 as an appendix to my acquittal report to the Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program, of research undertaken in Japan. It comprises a slightly eclectic bibliography and a list of relevant organisations and public art projects, loosely organised by topic and region of Japan.

I will work on improving the format and accessibility at some stage, but in the meantime…


Contents>Resources by Topic

Government & Civil Society
Urban Design and Planning
Urban Policy
Cultural Policy: government funding and the arts
Public Art

Contents>Resources by Region

Aichi Prefecture
Aichi Prefecture> Iwakura City
Aichi Prefecture>Mikawa Bay>Sakushima
Aichi Prefecture>Toyota City
Fukuoka Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture
Hiroshima City
Hokkaido>Sapporo City
Hyogo Prefecture>Kobe City
Ishikawa Prefecture>Kanazawa City
Kagawa Prefecture>Naoshima
Kanagawa Prefecture>Yokohama City
Kanagawa Prefecture>Hakone Open-Air Museum
Nagoya City
Niigata Prefecture>Echigo-Tsumari Region
Okayama Prefecture>Inujima
Tokyo Metropolitan Prefecture
Tokyo>Roppongi Hills
Tokyo>Tama Area>Tachikawa City


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